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Our specialists help you to design and install the audio system of your budget and your needs. 

It is almost essential to have a Home Theatre System in your household in today’s society. If you feel that you are unable to find the right system for your household, say goodbye to your frustrations because MAD Home can help you. We at MAD Home can provide you with your desired system and we are prepared to install it for you in your household. In Hong Kong’s community, karaoke is one of the most popular outings with friends and family. However, it is often expensive to go out to karaoke bars in Causeway Bay or Central, and in our economic climate today, it sometimes becomes frustrating to go out at night to sing your favourite songs with your friends. So, what better way to overcome this problem than to have your own karaoke system in your own living room!! MAD House is able to provide you with this service. We have the ability to set up and install your very karaoke system. 

We also have experience in Schools and Club Houses audio system installations. 

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