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MAD Music
Recording Studio

Located in heart of the city, Central Hong Kong
Mad Music aims to provide a professional studio experience from start to finish and anywhere in between.


Our service

includes Vocals and Instrument Tracking, Voice Over Work, and many more. Whether it is a simple gift to a friend or a professional demo we can provide you with all you need. We can also source VO Talents as well as a musician should the need arise.

Our engineers

are experienced in music recording, editing, mixing and mastering and our top of the line equipment will guarantee a comfortable and distraction-free atmosphere. Allowing one to truly submerge oneself in their music.

  • Pro Tools HD

  • RME: Fireface 800

  • RME: Octamic 11

  • Digidesign 192 I/O

  • Mackie CR-1604 vlz

  • Neumann KM 184 MT x4

  • Neumann U 87 Ai

  • AKG C414 XLS x4

  • Shure SM58x4

  • Avalon Design M5 Microphone Premap

  • Adam Audio S3A

  • Adam Audio S3X

  • B&W DM 601 S3

  • Yamaha NS-10M Studio x 2 sets

  • Behringer HA8000

  • Sony MDR-7506 x4

  • Sony MDR-V600

  • Drums:

  • Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute

  • Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride 56cm

  • Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash 43cm

  • Zildjian K China 48cm

  • Sabian AA Thin Crash


  • Guitars:

  • Spirit By Steinberger Guitar x2

  • Fender Telecaster USA Made

  • Gibson SG Studio70’s Tribute


  • Keyboard:

  • Yamaha P-250

  • Korg 01/W Pro

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